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A Fine Mid-17th Century Oak Panel Back Armchair

The tall back, surmounted by an elaborately scrolled crest, above a panel flamboyantly carved with stylised leaves and flowers. Downward curving arms, which have two incised lines running down the top edge, rest on highly unusual “beehive” turned supports – which I have only seen on three other chairs, all attributed to Yorkshire.

The seat is constructed from two thick well-grained boards, and has a line of “leaf” carving within the run mouldings of the seat rail (both front and sides). The legs have a short heavy central baluster turning, and are joined around the base by run-moulded stretchers (front, sides and rear).

English, Yorkshire (West Riding), circa 1660.

Height 50 inches, width across the arms 25 inches, depth 18 inches.

Ref 706

Two similar examples can be seen in Victor Chinnery, “The Age of Oak”, page 473, figure 4.123 and figure 4.125. Note the similarity in the shape of the crest, curve of the arms and arm supports, also the wide overhang around the seat corners.

Also, Tobias Jellinek, “Early British Chairs and Seats”, page 66, plate 42. A chair from the same workshop, virtually identical, and presently in Ashton Hall Museum.

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