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A Beautifully Proportioned Small Charles II Oak Enclosed Serving Dresser

Having a deep and generous top moulding, sitting beneath a thick boarded top, with generous overhang. Beneath are three working drawers, all decorated with intricate mitred mouldings, and retaining turned yew wood pulls, or knobs, and having wonderfully shaped iron escutcheons, secured on the inside of the drawer front with short tapering dowels.

Beneath the drawers runs a horizontal waist moulding, below which are two cupboard doors, hanging on bold iron butterfly hinges, flanking a central panel. Both doors and panel are again decorated with mitred mouldings.

The heavy bottom, or skirt moulding, is a slightly more exaggerated version of the top moulding, with the stile feet extending below.

It is worth noting that the joiner who made this piece had an undoubted skill making mouldings, not only the mitred decoration on the drawer and cupboard fronts, but also the run-mouldings which decorate the vertical framework. Further, he was not afraid to use oak - the back boards, drawer linings, bottom boards, even the dust boards between the drawers and the cupboards, are made from oak.

Outstanding colour, surface and condition.

English, circa 1660.

Length 65 inches, depth 23 inches, height 34 inches.

Ref 2526

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