Low Back Yew Wood Windsor Armchair Stamped F Walker, Rockley

A fine Windsor armchair, made by Rockley's longest serving chairmaker. Frederick Walker worked with William Wheatland when he opened his workshop in 1823, continued working with George Nicholson, and eventually took the workshop over when Nicholson retired around 1845. When Walker gave up, the Rockley chair making tradition came to an end. This chair shows many characteristics of Walker's work; the use of well-chosen timber, the very correct shape of the chair, use of the traditional Rockley three-ring arm turning, together with the three-ring leg which terminates in a "tulip" foot. At some point in the mid 19th Century, the single-ring leg turning died out and was replaced with this slightly more sturdy design. 

F. Walker, Rockley, fl 1823-1871.

Height 35.5 inches.

Ref 238

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