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A Most Unusual Pair of Naive Tudor Oak Panels

Both panels, deeply and crisply carved, the first depicting a bird taking grapes from a bunch hanging above, whilst standing on the head of a stylised beast, possibly a dog.

The second panel, surmounted by a definite dog's head, long ears and tongue hanging from the open mouth. The centre of the panel is an armorial, with a triad of initials, possibly marriage initials - M D over P - held aloft by a young woman.

The cut-out corners of each panel indicate that they were part of a chest, and the lock fitted between the indents.

Probably English (the oak is very much English, as is the colour, which like the patination, is excellent), circa 1550-1600.

Width 7 inches, height 20.5 inches, depth 1 inch.

Ref 2473

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