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Three Finely Carved English Tudor Oak Panels

The first panel showing in detail the Annunciation. Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel (in free fall!), God the Father looks on, as the Dove of Peace flies down. In the left foreground is an urn of lilies, representing purity.

The second panel shows the birth in the stable. Mary, Joseph and the shepherds are being presented with Jesus by an angel, whilst in the background an ox and donkey pull at hay from a manger.

The final panel shows the arrival of the three kings to present their gifts. To the right, a guide points up to the star, which has guided them to the stable. The three kings gather around Jesus – who has his hand firmly in the pot of gold. The frankincense and myrrh are contained in the chalices held aloft.

Each panel is formed from a single oak board, the carving is deep, and enriched by a background punched with tiny flowerheads. The gadrooning around the base of the urn in the first panel would suggest a date circa 1550 to 1600.


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