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Two Fine Yew Wood Windsor Armchairs

An Early 19th Century Yew Wood Windsor Armchair

The low back, with a fleurs de lys top splat, flanked by six long tapering spindles, which mortice all the way through the seat, and then are trimmed off with the underside, a technique always associated with William Wheatland of Rockley, who was working in the first quarter of the 19th century.

The flattened and curved underarm supports are again an early feature, they were superseded by the more common turned arm supports after 1825-30.

This chair is a lovely, rich colour, with little bits of ”burr” showing in the arm bow and splats. The seat is a wonderful burnished piece of elm.

Rockley (Nottinghamshire), circa 1800-1820.

See “English Regional Chair” by Bernard D Cotton, page 182.

Height 35 inches, across the arms 24 inches.

Ref 2204


A Late 18th Century Yew Wood Windsor Armchair

This elegant Windsor chair has a medium height back, which is filled with tapering spindles, morticed into the well-grained elm seat. The arm supports have a very pronounced backward curve, whilst the arms themselves are slightly flared at the end.

A special note are the turnings of the chair legs, which finish in a distinctive “ball and foot” – often referred to as an Oliver Goldsmith leg, after a chair bequeathed to him in 1774.

Good colour and patina.

Thames Valley, circa 1780.

Height 38 inches, across the arms 23 inches.

Ref 2215

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