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A Wonderful Late Medieval Carved Oak Figure

When first discovered, this figure was thought to have been of a Bishop, or Abbot, the Bishop’s mitre hat and the holy cross hanging from a chain around the neck giving weight to that assumption.

However, my feeling is that the figure is of a lady, possibly a Queen, and possibly French. The crown is very similar to early French royal crowns, having a high domed centre with bold fleurs de lys around the base. The figure is carved with long, curly hair resting upon her shoulders, and her lips are quite full and a little pouting.

Her robes are long – floor length, and just picked up at the front and held by a flower-headed trinket. Over the robes the figure wears a long coat, with exceptionally well-carved fleurs de lys detail down each side of the opening.

Bishop or Queen, male or female, the carving is lovely and early – mid-15th century. The patination on the oak is rich and burnished, and his or hers origin is either France or England.

Height 26 inches, width across the shoulder 7 inches.

Ref 2298

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